A New Project, more Rust, and Music for Coding

JD introduces a new project he is working an: a Rust CLI to organize files in a sane way. Dreaming of a paperless office, he is looking for the best way to use the local file system to organize thousands of files in a structured way.

JD and Rob check in after another week of quarantine. JD's brain has gone into overdrive looking for problems to solve to distract from the current situation, while Rob has found peace rediscovering music from his past that fuels his coding. The talk of music gets the two sidetracked into discussing Spotify vs. Apple Music...

When they recover, JD starts introducing a new project he is working on. Dreaming of a paperless office, but without a good system to organize his digital files, he is setting out to build a CLI in Rust that solves this problem for him. The idea is to have a folder with an inbox, and rules that can link files from the inbox into different indices. Think automatically indexing files by creation date, file type, user-provided tags, or other metadata...

Lowkey Tech Playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX0r3x8OtiwEM

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