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Rob is about to move, and JD has been thinking a lot about the intersection of practicing programming and video games. Unhappy with his current approach to start a new side project for everything he wants to learn, he wonders if we can't create a game that provides programmers with a sandbox to try out things in a fun and engaging way.

Rob had a busy week and some big news: He's moving next week. JD on the other hand took it a bit easier than usual this week, and has been thinking a lot about a new project. Reflecting on his past projects and why he started them, JD noticed a pattern. He began those projects to learn about a very specific topic, for example Stimulus, and once he did that there was not purpose in continuing with the project. Which led to quite a lot of unfinished work, a feeling of guilt, and the question if there's not a better way to practice programming. On the other hand, video games (especially competitive games) are designed with the single purpose in mind to teach players a mechanic and have them master it. JD wonders if we can't learn from game design to make learning and practicing programming more interesting.

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