Basecamp, Rails, and Password Managers

Rob shares his experience with, while JD spent the last two weeks playing with Rails and OAuth. He's been using Basecamp to try out the Shape Up methodology, and found a few helpful tools in it. The two get into a huge discussion about 1Password, its business model, and the tension of uploading sensitive data into the cloud.

Rob and JD are back after a week without recording. Rob has been giving a spin as his email solution, and is enjoying the experience so far. JD is still contemplating how to optimize his own setup, now thinking of adding another email host in the middle as a backup. Other than that, JD has been a bit in a slump. He started a small side project, trying out Basecamp and Shape Up in the process, which has been a lot of fun. Especially the idea behind hill charts resonated with him, and reflected his own experience working on the project.

The project JD started working on is a Rails app that uses OAuth for sign in. He's been working through the various different edge cases that this flow comes with, enjoying the challenge and working with Ruby again. Now that the authentication part is done, he is wondering what to do next, since there are too many different paths from which to choose.

The two end the episode discussing 1Password and its business model. Rob doesn't want to be locked into a subscription service, and doesn't want to upload his passwords to the cloud. JD on the other hand gladly pays a monthly fee to know his password manager is improved and secure, and values the integration of 1Password with all modern operating systems. Rob is now looking into Keepass, after briefly considering building his own thing.

PS: Sorry for the audio quality in this episode. Seems we both accidentally used the builtin microphone to record instead of our external ones.

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